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Dellwood Vaccination and testing pharmacy LLC is the  leading Vaccination and Testing pharmacy in the ST LOUIS MISSOURI  METROPOLITAN AREA.

We provide broad access  to vaccines including travel vaccines and immigration vaccines. We also provide valuable information about vaccines to the general public and  to protect international travelers.

We work closely with the immigrant  and refugee population in  St louis  through partnership with key stakeholders such as African Chamber of Commerce, Vitendo for Africa and Hispanic Leadership Group.

We provide vaccines to seniors in most senior buildings, adult daycares ,  skilled and assisted living facilities .

We also work with school districts to provide the much needed vaccines for the school age kids. through partnership with the Jennings School Districts, Normandy School Districts and St Louis City Schools.

We have worked with homeless shelter groups such as New Life Evangelstic Center Inc and Little Sisters Of The poor.

Since 2020,we're proud to  have vaccinated over twenty thousand people with all kinds of vaccines and counting.  We have equally performed  thousands of covid tests as well.

We have  been  featured on CNN,  Fox News. KSDK. The Wall  Street Journal. St Louis Business Journal and several other publications.

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